Kubota Utility Vehicles

These high-performance workhorses are made to withstand harsh terrain and hard work. Combined with safety features such as rollover protection (ROPS) and seat belts, the range of Kubota Utility Vehicles (RTV’s) have earned their good reputation.

Kubota RTV Range

Discover the Kubota RTV Range

Available in six model configurations to suit every operator’s needs.

Powered by reliable and high-performing petrol and diesel engines ranging from 17.4 to 48HP, Kubota prioritises safety and invests in the latest technologies to ensure driver and passenger safety at all times.

Kubota RTV also offers unparalleled comfort, featuring ergonomic seating and controls, extra storage space, and plenty of legroom, making it incredibly comfortable on those long working days.

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Kubota utility vehicles


RTV 520
RTV 520




RTV X900


RTV X1100


RTV X1120


RTV X1140

Finance solutions

Under the trading name of Kubota Australia Finance (KAF), Kubota Australia Pty Ltd offers secured equipment finance to customers who purchase new, demo and used Kubota equipment through us and other participating Kubota dealerships.

KAF offers competitive rates for both consumer and business finance.

For current consumer and business finance rates and offerings, talk to the team at GR8 NORTHERN AG or visit the Kubota website.

Kubota is committed to the quality and reliability of your purchase

Kubota Australia provides comprehensive warranty coverage for all new Kubota equipment. Extended warranty is also available. 

More information on Kubota’s warranty and downloads for the warranty registration, terms and service log book are available on the Kubota website.

Kubota Warranty - Utility Vehicles (RTV's)